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Mentoring Moments Sister 2 Sister

Mentoring Moments Sister 2 Sister

The Purpose For Mentoring Moments

It is the heartbeat and desire of Pastor Kimberly Moore to help equip and empower women from all over the world. She has served as a handmaiden in the Kingdom of God for 20 years and has been afforded the opportunity to minister on national and international levels. It is her desire to use the knowledge and experience that she has been fortunate to obtain and use it to help others develop and go further in their Kingdom assignment.

There are women who have gifts and who have been called to help build God's Kingdom. They want to be used; they have a drive and passion for ministry that cannot be contained. And they want to do ministry God's way. It is our desire to help them do just that.

It is our desire to train, equip and inspire these sisters to be their best self. It is our hope and prayer to serve as a midwife by helping them to push out what God has birthed on the inside of them. We believe that YOU have purpose and we want to help you live out that purpose with integrity, boldness and confidence. We want to make sure you have the tools that you need in order to WIN!

The Vision

Mentoring Moments is a five month program during which participants will receive:
  • Mentoring Sessions catered specifically for Ministers of the Gospel.
  • Weekly emails of encouragement, ministry tips and/or instructions
  • Weekly text messages of encouragement
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Access to Secret FaceBook Page

Our Commitment to You:

  • Pray for you daily
  • Provide you with ministry tools that will enhance your spiritual growth.
  • To be a faithful steward over all that has been entrusted to us.

What's Expected of You

Each participant is expected to:
  • Be committed to the program. Be on conference calls and present at designated mentoring sessions.
  • Be teachable and open to instruction
  • Honor the Program Cost of $99 to assist with all monthly activities and other ministry endeavors.
  • Pray for Pastor Moore & the KMM Team daily
Dr. Kimberly Moore